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Can You Type?

From 1974 to 1984 I lived in Israel. In 1978, when the mayor of Kiryat Ono, a city east of Tel Aviv, asked me to stay in my position as Community Social Worker, I knew I had made the right decision in resigning. I thought my role was too much of “keeping the natives quiet.”…

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Mountains, Horses, and Words, Oh My!

I graduated from University of New Hampshire with a Zoology degree—which ended up on the second page of my writing career resume.  After college I followed Joan Lapham to Jackson, Wyoming where I worked in her bookstore and a veterinary clinic, and taught horseback riding.  Jackson addicted me to big skies and high mountains.  Then…

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Environmental Opportunist

I am not by nature an environmentalist.  Of course, like everyone else growing up in Burlington, I sucked in the great outdoors:  blue sky, Lake Champlain, Green Mountains.  It went with the zip code.  But I’m no tree hugger, more like a money-grubbing, burn-the-forests capitalist, albeit now finding myself a disappointingly un-rich one. I left…

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In the fall of 1968, I arrived at BHS from southern California; I am not sure who experienced more culture shock:  me or the students who looked askance at my odd clothing and behaviors. I had to fight for the ability to take a tailoring class because, in the words of my well-meaning counselor, “Students like you…

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Here Comes the Judge

Except when I look in the mirror, it’s hard to believe 50 years have gone by since my time at BHS. In the intervening years, I attended UVM, University of Maine School of Law, married Donna, had two wonderful kids (Elizabeth and Aaron), and recently one grandchild (Rosemary). For nearly 40 of those years, we…

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