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Crossroads:  Amsterdam 1970

Today is the 3rd of March. Fifty years ago Harmie Bove stepped on a landmine in Vietnam and blew himself apart. Little did I know at 15 walking into my first art class as a sophomore, that meeting Harmie would be the beginning of my journey towards Europe–where I have lived for the past 45…

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Little Wonders

It is probably little wonder to any of you who knew me in high school that my career path involves visual arts.  If you flip through the 1970 Oread, my name and the word “art” appear together more than once.  I spent much of my time at BHS in the art room. As a child…

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Giving Back

2020 is the 50th anniversary of our BHS graduation and I do hope our reunion can go forward later this year. It is also the 250th anniversary of the St. George’s Society of New York (  In addition to my day job as head of the NY office of a London based private equity firm,…

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AFS: Life Shaper

The summer of 1969 brought seismic changes to my family:  When school let out in June, I was getting ready for my senior year at BHS; my brother, Brad (class of 1969), was preparing to start his freshman year at Harvard; and my brother, Tim (class of 1966) was returning to his senior year at…

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AFS and me

During my junior year (1968-69) at BHS, French teacher Madame Fontaine encouraged our class to apply to the American Field Service (AFS) to be an exchange student abroad.  I was lucky enough to be selected and found myself leaving in March 1969 for Nishinomiya, Japan for a year.  Little did I know how much this…

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