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A Short-Timer at BHS

My time at BHS was a very distant memory for me until recently.  I left Burlington a couple of years after graduation and never really looked back.  Then out of the blue Phil Maniatty contacted me via LinkedIn about the 50th reunion and I’m again remembering my time at BHS.  Many of you may not…

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Around the world & back

I am entering my third year of retirement, over 50 years since my high school graduation–and I have been around the world and back since then.  The last 20 years were spent overseas in SECRET or TOP SECRET environments.  The first 30 years after graduation set the stage for this play.  You should not misconstrue…

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Covid-19 Update

David and Marcy (Aswad) Greenfield Being grandparents in 2020 is an uncommon challenge, just like everything else. When we learned that our youngest daughter was set to have her baby on April 14, just when projections showed COVID topping the charts, we were distressed. The news predicted that hospitals around the country were going to…

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Living through Hearing & Vision Loss

When you see me in September, you will have to approach and tell me who you are because I will not be able to see you.  Back in 1969, of course, I had excellent vision, or at least I thought so. In reality, I was already showing signs of the diagnosis that I would eventually…

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From Swabbie to Cyclist

After BHS, my summer jobs included work on land and sea:  maintaining the northern Long Trail with Dave Rice and Rob Hirss; and as a swabbie on the University of Rhode Island’s research ship Trident, which sailed to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge to dredge rocks that recently (geologically speaking) had oozed as magma from below as the European and North American tectonic plates drift apart. One…

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